What will we do in the project?

Alla Röster will be built around workshops where young immigrants in Sweden express themselves through media production. During the spring we have tested pilot versions of these workshops at the Sollentuna library with a bunch of awesome participants.

Best manuscript, best love story and best action were three of the five categories that were distributed when the pupils on language introduction from Rudbecks School presented their final productions. With the help of cartons, newspaper clips and mobile cameras, they had created films presented during the last workshop called “Filmfestival”.

On four different occasions, Ung Media and the project Alla Röster gathered in the Sollentuna library. Together with Lucia Ramirez, IM (International Human Resources) developer and Daniela Carlderon student assistant at Rudbecks School, we were in a room where we were all alone. Lucky because to write scripts, create stories and produce characters is nothing that is easily done in silence.

The students collaborated in smaller groups to step by step, put together stories that were then filmed and presented to the rest of the group. All workshops were thus conducted as a pilot version of Alla Röster – Ung Media’s new project.

Why media production?

In opposition to media’s often used descriptions of young immigrants as an anonymous group, Every Voice want to let people take power over the word to portray their realities, dreams and fantasies. The project takes root in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

We believe that through simple tools like movies, photo or audio, we can create stories. But instead of saying what the stories are about, we want to let the participants themselves create their stories. This may seem simple and of course, but the reality looks different for every young person and especially for many young new immigrants. When we talk about young immigrants in the media, they are often described in groups, based on numbers and statistics, but rarely as individuals with experiences, dreams and opinions.

Young immigrants need to have more space in the media

To be able to share the social debate, to influence it and to make their voices heard, we must start by lowering the thresholds for young immigrants to be seen and heard. For the same reason we ask an expert expert on a specific topic, we need to ask young immigrants in matters that concern them and their lives. Participation and influence and the ability to influence their own living conditions is one of democracy’s most fundamental conditions.

At Ung Media we work towards the age-based system based on the norm that knowledge, the right decision-making and the legitimate life experiences belong to adulthood, not those defined as young people. In the project Alla Röster, we specifically work with young immigrants and their rights to be heard and seen.

Alla Röster wants to let young immigrants take power over their own words. Words are a tool for describing reality, dreams and imagination, and conveying this image to others.

Publicerades 22 June, 2017 Updated 19 April, 2018

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