“We need to work together for change”

Why is collaboration and organization important when you want to make every voice heard? We ask Lucía Ramirez Tuesta who works with our partner Individual Human Assistance.

My name is Lucía Ramirez Tuesta and I work as an Operational Developer on Individual Human Resources (Individuell Människohjälp in Swedish). Together with Sollentuna municipality we have a project aimed towards immigrants. Amongst other things, we teach language skills, offer homework help and organize “Move it”. “Move it” is an activity aimed towards young immigrants, and we strive to ensure that young immigrants have a meaningful free time while at the same time taking part in Sweden’s rich community life. In my work it is important that new immigrants and established people meet and create new experiences together.

In the project Every Voice we work for young people to be seen and heard – specifically young immigrants. Why do you think it’s important for young immigrants to be seen and heard?

As new in person Sweden, it may be difficult to make your voice heard. Making people listening to you can be particularly difficult because the adult world is so very “adulty”. But everyone’s story and voice is incredibly important, and feeling heard and seen strengthens your own self-esteem and the sense of belonging to something. It allows one to feel greater ownership over their own lives.

What is your path to change?

My way to change is through my job. By building bridges between the organization I work for, and other organizations such as Every Voice through Youth Media Sweden. The more we are working for change and a society that is more inclusive and welcoming, the greater the change we can achieve. I think all civil society organizations should work together.

Publicerades 19 June, 2017 Updated 28 June, 2017

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