Ung Media Sverige

Ung Media Sverige (Ung Media Sweden) is a youth organization for young media producers all over Sweden. They aim is to make every young person’s voice heard. The members are local youth media organisations from all over Sweden and the support consists mainly of education in journalism and financial contribution. Ung Media Sweden is the project owner of Alla Röster.


Kulturens works to enable everyone to enjoy and practice culture throughout Sweden. This is done by conducting folk education activities in singing, music, dance, theater / drama, film making, image and form, etc. Kulturens is formed by nationwide cultural organizations and the activities are politically and religiously independent.

Ensamkommandes Förbund

Ensamkommandes Förbund consists and is driven by young immigrants who have arrived alone to Sweden from different countries. The organization started in 2012, and was registered as a union on May 12, 2013. Many have experienced that young immigrants often have been in a minority or lacked as representatives in projects whose purpose is to talk about and fight for their rights. The focus of the union is therefore to illustrate that young immigrants can and wish to represent themselves.