This is how the project happened

It's not every day you get an email that will give your idea millions of dollars - for real. Sandra Rönnsved tells us how the project Alla Röster became reality.

“Alla Röster are a very important part of Ung Media Sweden’s work”

– I remember when this picture was taken. I was in Copenhagen and organized Nordic Youth Media Days – seminar days for young journalists in the Nordic region. Then an email came from the General Heritage Fund, and they had granted our application to Alla Röster. I was so happy and called my then Deputy Chairman Desirée Widell, who I wrote the application with, to tell her the good news, said Sandra Rönnsved, chairman of Ung Media Sweden.

The idea of ​​Alla Röster first took the shape of a simple text draft at the office of Ung Media Sweden, in the spring of 2016. The association Ung Media Sweden works for all young people to be seen and heard by creating their own media production. But also for them to speak for themselves in established media.

The more young voices and stories that are heard in the media, the more people with different experiences are also given the opportunity to influence society. And young immigrants own voices does not get enough space in the media, says Sandra Rönnsved. Young immigrants are mentioned in statistics, numbers and as a homogeneous group, but we rarely hear the people’s own voices. The idea of Alla Röster was really simple – to change this.

Now the project is really starting – what does it mean to Ung Media?

– Alla Röster are a very important part of Ung Media Sweden’s work to enable all young people to make their voices heard and to decide over their own lives. The project will enable more young people to use their founding rights – and it’s a big win for democracy, says Sandra Rönnsved.

By autumn 2017, the project is in full swing.

Publicerades 16 June, 2017 Updated 19 April, 2018

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