Meet Jessica Norin Ortiz

This autumn, Jessica Norin Ortiz will be starting up Alla Röster. What inspires her?

Jessica Norin Ortiz have been involved and worked with youth issues in different ways in both Sweden and abroad. Now her journey has led her to the project Alla Röster.

Jessica’s drive to work and support young comes to a large extent from her experiences of not being taken seriously. When she was younger she was often told to calm down, and not to care about what she could not change. Girls shouldn’t take so much space, the adults said.

– It made me angry that my opinions were not taken seriously just because I was young. And me being born and identified as a girl wasn’t helpful either. I had to learn to stand up for myself, and make my own voice heard, says Jessica, and continues:

“I had to learn to stand up for myself, and make my own voice heard.”

– My drive to stop injustice has been there for as long as I can remember and I realized early on that the best way to make others listen was to empower yourself and work together with others.

For Jessica, it is important that prejudices based on gender identity, sexual orientation, age, background, religion do not define anyone’s possibilities or limit them in life. All people have preconceptions and prejudices about things, the problem arises when one actually acts on these prejudices against people and treat them differently.


Through the project Alla Röster, Jessica hopes to contribute to a positive change that encourages young new immigrants to make their own voices heard.

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Publicerades 20 June, 2017 Updated 19 April, 2018

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